Project Overview

The project idea of “Active Park” is to increase the level of physical activity of children with special needs in primary schools. The project promotes popularization of grassroot sports and physical activities for children with special needs offering them equal opportunity in sport. Children with special needs often could not engage in many sports due to their physical limitations. The project encourages social inclusion and equal opportunities, which is the main aim of the project, while the parallel aim is to promote sport activities in nature, so that are available for all children and to emphasize the importance of sports activities in nature. The project is focused on using existing facilities in local environments that will be used for implementation of the sport events “Active Park” (parks, playgrounds, sports parks, open fields, etc.), revitalized them. “Active Park” events will be organized in each partner’ countries and will be promoted intensively on the project website, leaflets, and social media. 

During the project we will create the Guide of Good Practices of motivation strategies for children with special needs for physical activities and design a set of outdoor sports and exercises for children with special needs. On the project e-learning platform there will be outdoor sports & exercises for children with special needs, which will be available to the general public.

Project Active Park will covere four main project activities:

  • Analyze the sport activities of children with special needs in partner countries
  • Collect Best Practices regarding the sport/exercising of children with special needs
  • Develop an optimal set of games/sports/exercises for children with special needs for outdoor implementation (pilot test the sport program in all project countries)
  • Implement the program »Fit Park Training« where we will train volunteers from sport organizations in the new developed exercise set and best practices

“You have to follow your dreams, don’t give up. Disability does not mean you can’t do anything, you still have ability.”

Matt Crossen – Football 7-A-Side

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